Business not feeling well? Then call Tom Gavaghan the Pub Doctor

Business not feeling well? Then call Tom Gavaghan the Pub Doctor

Q. What is Pub Doctor?
It is a mentoring and business support for startups, entrepreneurs, local businesses with a strong focus on the hospitality industry, including pubs. I have worked with some of the giants of the hospitality industry.

Q. What do you do if a business needs help?
We ask questions. We identify issues that are holding you back and where there is room for improvment. We set milestones, look at what needs to be achieved and how to achieve it. We provide one-to-one training and support, as well as group training and support. Be it food development, people development, service standards, finance, or business planning – we can help.

Q. Can you explain how you have helped?
A bank asked me to help with training, development, and service presentations. While in the bank it was clear their service needed improving. The bank manager asked me to speak to its staff. This led to director level meetings in Canary Wharf. We set out criteria to work to. I then presented findings based on mystery bank visits scoring its services, how I was treated, and felt as a customer. After further consultation with directors I met house teams to set out additional targets and milestones. Results were measurable and productive.

Q. Do you have a top business tip?
Surround yourself with good friendly people, train and treat them well. Develop staffs’ potential and allow them to feel part of the business. Give them a sense of ownership. Everyone wants to feel they are an important valued part of the business.

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