Alexander Barbers Headquarters: TIPS & TALES – Fresh from the barber shop…with Stav the Barber

Alexander Barbers Headquarters: TIPS & TALES – Fresh from the barber shop…with Stav the Barber

Let’s start with a quote from Frank Sinatra (a barber shop legend) to get us in the Christmas party spirit – ‘Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the Bible says love your enemy!’

Over the festive period there will be family get-togethers, New Year’s Eve spectaculars and the notorious office Christmas (party) to deal with.

Chaps will make several pit stops at the barber shop in the coming weeks.
The old cutthroat razors are out ready for the traditional Hot Towel Shave.

And, like ‘Ol Blue Eyes himself, clean shaven is the look to go for over the Christmas period (Santa is the only dude who should be sporting a beard come Christmas Eve).

With the whiskers gone you’ll be looking and feeling younger plus we reckon it will put a big smile on Mum’s face over Christmas dinner (I hope you are reading this Jono Openshaw, the bearded manager at Fitness First).

Remember the good old razor can have a real positive impact on your day.

For you guys shaving at home, here are a few tips to make your shave a treat and not a chore.

1. Make the experience more fun and soften your beard with a home-made hot towel.
(I’m going to post a video on our website – look right – to show you just how to do this).

2. Treat yourself (it’s Christmas after all) to a Badger Hair Shaving Brush, great for creating a rich creamy lather.

3. Use short strokes only, about an inch at a time. Also allow the blade to do the work, no need to apply too much pressure.

To all the ladies reading this column, here at Alexander Barbers Headquarters we are very proud of the gentleman of Hammersmith, we hope you are too. We have put together a little list of manly gift ideas to help you put a grin on your bloke’s face this Christmas (he deserves it).

1. Kent Military Hairbrush
2. Shoe Shine Kit
3. You can’t go wrong with the John Wayne ceramic mug

Alexander Barbers Headquarters: TIPS & TALES - Fresh from the barber shop...with Stav the Barber

The team, Big Reggie (the dog), and I would like to take this chance to thank all the Hammersmith Locals and our customers for supporting us. You make the shop special and are the reason our barber shop buzzes. You make it a wonderful place to come into work each day. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Alexander Barbers Headquarters
38 Hammersmith Broadway, W6 7AB
020 8741 1801

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