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  • Get found online with a Local Online Listing Plan. Promote your business worldwide and locally and be found by new customers searching for your services. Advertise products, services, events, special offers, jobs and more. With a Local Listing you can promote local businesses, community groups and charities.

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30 Day Online Business Listings Plans

  • Start promoting your business, event, special offer and jobs to your local community online today.  Each plan is valid for 30 days and will automatically renew via PayPal,  Stripe or Bank Transfer.  You can cancel or change online plans at any time. Click to see our Online Listings Plans.

Listing Example: Pekoe Mellow Tea House

  • With Local Listings you can post: business name, address, telephone, email, website, social media links, opening times, image gallery, Google map, and more… You can link your listing to events, jobs and special Offers.
    Click to see the Pekow Mellow Tea House listing

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  • Our Digital Marketing Team will carry out the work that needs to be done when you don’t have time. We offer a range of Client Management Services: website design and management, photography, video, copywriting… Tell us how we can help via the Contact form or email: connect@keepthingslocal.com