Betty Blythe: Vintage Style

Betty Blythe: Vintage Style

Lulu Gwynne

Whether you are taking tea or planning a party, Betty Blythe adds a dash of glamour

‘I was five years old. I spotted a diamanté brooch at a jumble sale and persuaded my mum to give me 50p to buy it. That’s my first memory of loving all things vintage.’

Lulu Gwynne, owner of the supremely stylish Betty Blythe vintage tea room in Brook Green, is recalling the start of her lifelong passion. ‘After that, I carried on acquiring more period china, clothes, accessories and knick-knacks. Really, Betty Blythe has provided me with a lovely setting to display and share my collection.’

Named after a 1920s Hollywood star, Betty Blythe serves excellent continental breakfasts, light lunches, tempting cakes and, of course, a wonderful choice of teas. ‘We create a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Our customers come to read the paper, do the crossword, catch up with friends and watch the world go by,’ says Lulu. ‘From the cake counter, I’d particularly recommend the Chocolate Brownies and the Lemon Drizzle. The regulars love them.’

Lulu is also a party planner par excellence. Whatever the event – an afternoon tea, a birthday, christening, baby shower or corporate event – she and her team can create a bespoke Betty Blythe experience either at the tea room (there’s space for 10 in the beautifully decorated downstairs space), in your own home or at a private venue. ‘We provide the full package – the food, drink, staff (our Starlets wear vintage black and white uniforms and pearls) and styling – so the client doesn’t have anything to worry about,’ she explains. ‘Baby showers and Sweet Sixteen celebrations, with themes such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Mad Men and The Great Gatsby, are becoming very popular and girls adore the afternoon tea parties.

‘We put on a fun workshop – it could be jewellery-making or biscuit decoration – they dress up in our vintage treasures for a photo-shoot and then enjoy a grown-up afternoon tea. I even give a brief etiquette lesson!

‘I must have one of the best jobs. I love parties and, thanks to Betty Blythe, I can now be part of everyone else’s special occasions.’

Betty Blythe
73 Blythe Rd, W14 0HP
Betty Blythe
73 Blythe Rd, W14 0HP

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