Brackenbury Natural Health Clinic: Meet the Nutritionists – Lowri Turner and Hannah Brown

Brackenbury Natural Health Clinic: Meet the Nutritionists – Lowri Turner and Hannah Brown

Meet the Nutritionists

Lowri Turner

‘Having struggled with weight in my teens and 20s, I know what it’s like to feel that your weight and eating habits are out of control. This is why, now that I’m a fully qualified nutritionist and hypno-therapist I specialise in weight loss. I’ve been there and bought the XXXL T-shirt. My own experience of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome motivated me to help others with hormonal conditions including hypothyroid, PCOS/PMS, menopause and
diabetes. I also work with IBS and see children and teenagers.

Once you know what you should be eating, how do you stick to it?
Stress/emotional eating and sugar cravings often sabotage your efforts. This is where HYPNOTHERAPY comes in. I use a mix of nutrition to help you feel better and lose weight (if appropriate) and hypnotherapy to change bad habits, beat cravings and build motivation.’
Hannah Brown

‘Hello! I’m Hannah, a fully qualified nutritional therapist, motivational coach, Metabolic Balance® coach and SWAMI practitioner. Since beginning my practice, I have known that nothing stands in isolation and everything is inter-connected. Hippocrates stated: “All disease begins in the gut’. It so often follows that a happy gut makes for a happy head, heart, skin, hormones and more.

I treat the causes of disease and not just the symptoms. Where appropriate, I offer clients The Genotype diet or Metabolic Balance®. Both programmes are highly effective at correcting damage and dysfunction at a cellular level where most conditions begin. I love to inspire people with delicious, easy recipes using simple wholefood ingredients.

By devising achievable and enjoyable changes to diet and lifestyle, I help my clients increase their vitality and bring harmony back into their lives.’

SAVE £30 on your first nutrition session with Hannah

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