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The Carpet Store’s Joe Miller wages war on carpet moths!

The Carpet Store’s Joe Miller wages war on carpet moths!

Joe and Fiona Miller. This local family has you covered.

The battle is on. Joe’s enemy is small, aggressive and a threat to us all. Sometimes they are killed with chemical weapons, occasionally they’re smeared across walls leaving ugly stains.

Q. Who is your enemy?

A. Moths. They are a big problem in the area. They love to eat 100 per cent woollen carpets. But we are on to them. Sorry moths, you have got to be beaten. We offer a selection of great carpets that can protect against these little blighters. Sorry moths, we’ve got you beat.

Q. How quickly can you fit a moth-resistant carpet?

A. We can usually fit a carpet within a week.

Q. What carpet would you recommend for a family with young children?

A. A carpet with man-made fibre (the ones that confound moths). They are stain-resistant, anti-static, hard-wearing, long-lasting and much easier to clean.

Q. What colours are popular?

A. The most popular are neutral colours. Grey is in at the moment and beige has been popular for a while. Our showroom has a wide selection of carpets, including different and unusual ones. We finish edges with binding tape or whipping. We also make bespoke individual runners for a variety of staircases and designs.‘Drop into our showroom. Call for an appointment. You can take samples home. Unlike chain stores we don’t have high-pressure sales people badgering you. We don’t rush customers. You will talk with me, my wife Fiona or my brother Clay. But moths are not invited.’

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