Chartered Practice Architects: Taking the Broad View

Chartered Practice Architects: Taking the Broad View

Warren Hagues

Designing bespoke living spaces

‘I may be going out on a limb here,’ says Warren Hagues. ‘But I think we’re the only discipline in the building industry that works holistically. Other consultants tend to focus on their own specialism.

‘As architects, we look at every project from multiple points of view: design – our training is a wider design education – including structural technicalities, light issues, usability, construction, the locality and the quality of space.’

CPA was founded in 1992. As such, Warren and his practice partner, Matt Hedges, are specialists in Hammersmith’s housing stock. ‘The majority of our projects are within walking distance,’ says Matt. ‘We know which issues commonly come up, we’re used to working in Conservation Areas and we’re familiar with the local planning departments.

‘Most importantly, our designs are never one-size fits all. We don’t have a set style; rather, we listen to the brief and then give the client options that can be tailored according to style and budget. The brief, including the budget, is the most important document in a project. Contrary to belief, often we find that we’re the ones holding the purse strings tighter!’

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