Chiswick Electrician: SES Electrical Contractors – The Electrical Professionals

Chiswick Electrician: SES Electrical Contractors – The Electrical Professionals

SES’s expert ‘blue brigade’ will diagnose and solve all your electrical issues and carry out a free energy-saving home survey

SES Electrical Contractors’ distinctive blue vans are a familiar sight out and about on the streets of Chiswick. Since founding the company in 2010, Byron Sanders has built a successful business based on professional expertise, trustworthy advice and word-of-mouth recommendation.

The core of SES’s work comprises electrical installation, repair and testing and, whatever the nature of the job, excellent service is always a given. ‘When I was learning the trade, I knew electricians whose workmanship was superb but their customer care non-existent,’ recalls Byron.

‘My philosophy is to deliver the maximum on both counts, and that’s why we are now offering free energy-saving surveys (until the end of July). With domestic running costs currently so high, we’ve seen a spike in the number of customers asking us to recommend and carry out more energy-efficient upgrades. For example, even something as simple as replacing old halogen spotlights with LED bulbs can make a significant difference: it requires 125 kWh of electricity to run an LED for 40,000 hours as opposed to 1250 kWh for a halogen.’

The SES team is also fully trained on all elements of commercial and light industrial electrics, BAFE-approved (British Approvals for Fire Excellence) to design, install and service fire alarms and accredited with the leading manufacturers of electric vehicles to source, supply and test EV home chargers.

‘Since the pandemic inspired more people to work permanently or part-time from home we have seen far more WiFi and data-related enquiries, in particular for extra access points and reliable connections,’ adds Byron. ‘Equally, government legislation requiring all rental properties to have an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) has prompted a significant demand from landlords.

‘All are technicians are experienced and highly qualified, we carry high levels of stock and we respond quickly and efficiently. And do get in touch if you would like to book a complimentary energy survey of your home.’

SES Electrical Contractors
4, Maynard Court, Fletcher Road
Chiswick W4 5AW
020 7523 5373

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