Chiswick Computers: The Apple Aces

Steve Bonnici

The experienced, knowledgeable team at Chiswick Computers specialises in the repair of iMacs and MacBooks

It’s probably safe to say that Broccoli and Stilton isn’t Steve Bonnici’s favourite soup.

One of the most common emergencies handled by his company, Chiswick Computers, is accidental ‘liquid spillage’ over the keyboard. ‘Wine, cat urine, baby vomit, we’ve had it all,’ he says with feeling. ‘But
Broccoli and Stilton soup – that was revolting.’

Chiswick Computers proudly tackles problems with every make and model and, over the last five years, that has increasingly meant Apple products. ’It’s surprising, but in that time Apple repairs have grown from 10% to 50% of our business,’ says Steve.

Recurring problems include broken screens, dying batteries and, with older models, a failing hard drive. ‘All computers suck in dust and that builds into layers,’ explains Steve. ‘Then, the heat can’t escape and the machine becomes hot and unstable. One of our regular jobs is stripping down and cleaning out desktops and laptops. In addition, we fix phone screens and replace batteries – we’re seeing lots of iPhone 5s, they’ve been out for a while and the batteries are going.’

So, why the rise in customers with Apple issues? ‘Mass production doesn’t help. Also, Apple is what we call a “swap-out” company,’ says Steve. ‘When you return a faulty computer to the Apple Store you might be given a previously repaired part. But, if your hard drive fails and it is “swapped out”, they won’t do anything about your data. That’s why their clients come to us; we recover the data, the client gets the hard drive “swapped out” by Apple and then we restore the data.’

Apple repairs undertaken by Chiswick Computers are done in-house. ‘We’ll open up your computer, trace the fault and resolve it, and we’ll do it quicker and more competitively,’ confirms Steve. ‘Our experience is our best asset. There’s little that we haven’t seen and done and we have two specialist Apple technicians – one out on the road and the other in our workshop carrying out motherboard repairs.’

For Steve’s sake, just be careful having soup in close proximity to your computer!

Services include:
* Hardware, Desktop and Laptop repairs
* Virus Removal
* Online Security
* SPAM removal
* Software installation
* Networking (cabled and wireless).

Chiswick Computers
349 King Street, W6 9NH
020 3369 0349

Alastair Hilton


Online editor at Keep Things Local




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