Brad Cahoon the Handyman: MR. FIXIT!

Brad Cahoon the Handyman: MR. FIXIT!

Brad Cahoon

Need help with those annoying little jobs around the home? Local handyman Brad Cahoon is the man to call

It goes without saying that, can never be sure what you’re going to be tackling next.

When you cover as many bases as Brad Cahoon, that’s certainly the case: ‘A lady once asked me in to put up a “few pictures” after her house had been completely redecorated. I ended up rehanging 170 in all. It took a week – I’ve never seen so many in my life.’

Canadian-born Brad – he comes from ‘the middle of nowhere, on the prairie, about 100 miles south of the city of Calgary’ – arrived in London in 1986 while taking part in a student work abroad scheme. He met a Hammersmith girl called Susan, they subsequently got married, and he has lived in Brackenbury Village ever since – without losing his accent!

Practical skills clearly run deep in the Cahoon genes. ‘I come from a family of carpenters and farmers. So, I was wielding a hammer when I was six years old. We don’t consider it DIY back home, it’s about being self-sufficient. You just learn what you need to and then get on with it.’

Prior to starting his handyman business three years ago, Brad worked as an IT consultant. ‘I’m much happier now – I’ll turn my hand to anything and I enjoy the variety,’ he says.

‘I’ve just partnered up with a professional painter and, between us, we now handle the full interior and exterior painting and decoration of houses – there seems to be a real demand for that service at the moment.’

Other recent commissions have included laying a parquet floor, glazing, re-pointing, clearing roof gutters, putting up garden fencing, replacing pipes, changing light fixtures, hanging doors and assembling particularly annoying items of flat-pack furniture.

Brad works all around West London – most customers come from word of mouth recommendation – and he can call on excellent contacts if he needs extra labour or specialist assistance. ’No job is too small and, if I can’t do it, I always say so and try to recommend someone who I know and trust. I’m Canadian, I can’t lie!

Bradley Cahoon
07715 408202

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