Collins Motors: It’s a Family Affair

Collins Motors: It’s a Family Affair

John Collins

Three generations of the Collins family has been running Hammersmith’s go-to garage for almost four decades

Chances are, if you’ve had your car repaired, serviced or MOT-ed in W6 then you’ll know Collins Motors. Operating from the same garage in Trussley Road since 1980, there are now three generations working together.

‘We’re really proud of that,’ smiles John Collins. ‘I started the business with my dad Sean in 1980, He’s 82 now, and still involved, and my brother Brian runs another branch in Park Royal. My son James and my nephew Richard work here with me and Brian’s son Jack is with him.’

Collins Motors’ five-man team handles the mechanical servicing of all models. Clearly, with 95% of customers being regulars, the family has a winning formula – and that is reflected in the company motto: Old-fashioned Courtesy and Modern Technology. ‘To do a proper professional job you must have the latest equipment and software – we’re always investing in new kit,’ says John.

‘But, equally importantly, I really believe in good manners. So, if we find that any extra work is required on a car, then we call the owner straight away. We don’t go ahead and add a couple of
hundred quid to the bill. That’s just not us. We let the customer make the decision, then there’s no surprise later on.’

The Collins customer service ethos also applies to MOTs. ‘When there’s a problem we offer a free re-test period,’ John tells me. ‘If you get the repairs done – and it doesn’t have to be by us – and return the car within seven days, we won’t charge for the re-test.’ Using plain English is another promise. ‘When we replace a part we keep the old one to show the customer and explain what it does. Everyone likes to see what they’re buying, don’t they?’

Over the last 37 years the Collins family business has become part of the local community. ‘That’s lovely,’ says John. ‘And the funny thing is that now we get “youngsters” in who I used to see in pushchairs. I suppose their parents tell them to bring their cars here!’

Collins Motors
232 Trussley Rd, W6 7PS

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