D&F Dental & Facial Clinic: Early Intervention Prevents Problems

D&F Dental & Facial Clinic: Early Intervention Prevents Problems

Cristina and Telmo

The D&F Dental Clinic team recommends pro-active, phased care for children and teenagers

‘When it comes to orthodontics for children and teenagers, our practice philosophy is very simple,’ explains Dr. Cristina Daguerre, who co-owns the D&F Dental Clinic on the High Road (entrance on Prebend Gardens) with her husband, Dr. Telmo Iceta.

‘Age-appropriate treatment is the key to preventing problems which may become much more difficult to resolve at an older age. Hence, as a general rule, we advise that a first visit is arranged around the age of seven.

‘Of course, in the majority of cases, that will be a purely routine appointment. However, if we do find that the teeth are crowded, not aligning or protruding or there are bite problems, then we can take the necessary corrective measures with expanders and orthopaedics. Naturally, any procedure must be carefully planned – there is never a “one-size fits all” answer – and discussed with parents.’

If necessary, the second phase of treatment begins in the teenage years. ‘Then we are able to utilise tools such as InvisAlign as well as ceramic and metal braces to complete any tooth or jaw alignment work and address issues such as overbites and excessive crowding,’ adds Cristina. ‘Also, we employ the most advanced orthodontic techniques and have invested in the latest dental technology, so that enables us to avoid taking the extraction route whenever possible.’

During both stages, Cristina and Telmo always emphasise the benefits of good oral hygiene. ‘Actually, we often find that teenagers take much more notice of us than they do of their parents when we talk about brushing and flossing habits,’ she says.

‘Many parents are not fully aware of the importance of early detection. As specialists, we’re able to devise the approach best suited to each individual and, what’s more, orthodontics not only deliver effective solutions, they also make the teeth and smile look much better. So, there’s a welcome aesthetic benefit too.’

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