Fulham Dental Clinic – Good Health Starts In The Mouth

Fulham Dental Clinic – Good Health Starts In The Mouth

Justyna Kamecka

Have you missed regular hygiene check-ups? The Fulham Dental Clinic is offering one-hour examination and deep-clean appointments

‘This summer I would like everyone to focus on their oral hygiene’, smiles Justyna Kamecka, the owner and Clinical Director of Fulham Dental Clinic. ‘Thanks to the pandemic, many patients seem to have lost the habit of having check-ups, and that’s alarming.

‘Maintaining good oral health is so essential, and it’s not just a matter of dealing with staining and tartar. Harmful bacteria that leak through the gums have been linked to wider concerns, such as diabetes, fertility, low birth weight and heart and lung issues. For example, we know that the same bacteria are present in gum disease and the arteries of those suffering with heart disease.’

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To address the problem, Justyna has launched a new hour-long appointment for people who haven’t seen a hygienist for six months-plus. ‘I will carry out an in-depth examination of the mouth and gums, and that includes using a special dye to identify bacteria on the teeth. I can then show the patient exactly where they need to focus and it allows me to pinpoint areas which need an extended deep clean.

‘The same service is available for children – I ask them to bring in their toothbrush and I demonstrate how and where to clean – and it is particularly relevant for anyone with braces, as bacteria will accumulate much quicker in their mouths.’

It is now three years since Justyna opened her independent practice, which she has recently re-branded as the Fulham Dental Clinic (it was previously Dental Beautique). ‘We feel that we’re now part of the community and that inspired us to take that decision. And while we have a new name, everything else – the professional treatments in all disciplines, the highly skilled team and relaxing spa-like atmosphere in which even nervous patients feel reassure – remains exactly the same!’

Treatments include:

  • Cleaning with Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT)
  • Children’s Clean
  • Periodontal Clean
  • Orthodontic Clean

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