Fulham Health & Beauty: Dr Hala Medical Aesthetics – Make Sure You Are All Set For Autumn

Fulham Health & Beauty: Dr Hala Medical Aesthetics – Make Sure You Are All Set For Autumn

Dr Hala Mahfoud

‘I love coming to Dr Hala’s clinic. Not only is she a kind and gentle person, you feel completely at ease as her professionalism, knowledge and expertise are second to none. I always walk out like a new person.’ – Mandy Bissell

Dr Hala Mahfoud and her experienced team of therapists will ensure that you look fabulous and feel rejuvenated, energised and fully body confident.

Dr Hala worked as an NHS Consultant before founding her family-run clinic in 2017. Then, as now, her vision was to bridge the gap between aesthetics, beauty and medicine in a safe, relaxed environment. Since opening, she has consistently added exciting new therapies, often pioneering the latest worldwide advances in the UK, and launched her own successful Dr Hala Skincare Collection.

Fulham Health and Beauty Clinic - Dr Hala

‘Our facial and body treatments are always very popular,’ says Dr Hala.

‘We specialise in anti-ageing HydraFacials and Intraceuticals Oxygen Facials. The former combines cleansing, exfoliation and hydration and is perfect for pigmented, dry and acne-affected skin and fine lines. The latter delivers an Intense hydration boost, hence it is often used by clients to combat the severe dehydration effects of travelling by plane, and significantly brightens and softens the skin.’

Dr Hala’s Fulham clinic is one of the very few that offers MesoSculpt C71, an injectable fat reduction procedure that works particularly effectively on double chins. ‘It is much more powerful than traditional fat injection techniques,’ she explains.

‘MesoSculpt simultaneously reduces localised fat deposits while inhibiting future fat formation in that same area, hence it both produces noticeable results and maintains them.

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‘Recently, we have also introduced the Dr Hala Ozone Lift. This is a new approach based on a combination of ozone therapy methods; it is specifically designed to provide an immediate total-body boost, increasing energy, reducing inflammation and pain, refreshing the skin and helping to fight any lingering infections.’

Dr Hala has always invested in state-of-the-art medical technology. One of her first major acquisitions – and it is always in strong demand – was a Femi-Lift laser, which stimulates collagen, the protein responsible for skin strength and elasticity. ’Post-birth, many ladies leak when they exercise, sneeze or cough,’ she says.

‘The Femi-Lift provides non-surgical relief from stress urinary incontinence, alleviates vaginal dryness and pain during sex and enhances sensation. One session can have dramatic results, while the benefits of a full course of four sessions can last for over two two years.’ (Currently, the clinic has an exclusive offer for a Femi-Lift course, get in touch to find out more details).

Fulham Health and Beauty Clinic - Dr Hala

Warm and welcoming, Dr Hala and her friendly, professional team always treat their patients as individuals. ‘We get to know each one and, with the scope of our facilities, we can devise a bespoke approach that fits their needs,’ she smiles. ‘We’re very proud of our work and we want to achieve the best outcome every time.’

Treatments include:

  • PRX Peel: scar management and reducing wrinkles
  • FibroBlast: lift sagging skin and smooth smoking lines
  • Lesion removal: warts, moles, tags and tattoos
  • LPG Endermologie: tighten skin and target fat
  • Botox and fillers * Herbal and chemical peels
  • HydraFacial: skin cleansing
  • Mesotherapy: rejuvenate skin and boost hair growth
  • Mesosculpt: eliminate facial fat pockets
  • Cellulite and stretch mark reduction: a non-invasive technique using radio-frequency and ultrasound

Dr Hala Medical Aesthetics
Unit 3-4 Broxholme House,
New Kings Road,
Fulham SW6 4AA


Main photograph: Annabel Moeller

The latest tried and tested treatments in a safe, relaxing environment... Dr Hala and her team of professional therapists deliver the very best specialist aesthetic and beauty care
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