Fulham Opticians: Aristone – Fulham’s Friendly Family Optician

Fulham Opticians: Aristone – Fulham’s Friendly Family Optician


For glasses and contact lens, repairs and screening, Aristone’s experienced team is the local independent specialist

‘Aristone has been here for well over five decades and I’ve owned the business for the last 11 years.’ smiles Ritesh. ‘While I’ve always thought of us as part of Fulham life, the pandemic has made me appreciate the sense of community all the more.

‘I’ve been doing food deliveries for elderly customers, giving iPad lessons and I also bought and fitted a Ring doorbell for a vulnerable lady. It’s been so
rewarding to make a small contribution to helping out my neighbours.’

Ritesh arrived at Aristone as a locum. ‘I’d been working here for 18 months when I made the previous owner a “cheeky” offer over a cup of tea,’ he recalls. ‘I knew he wasgetting a little fed up, but I was surprised when he accepted. I was 22 and I didn’t even know what business rates were – I learned pretty quickly!’

Since then, Ritesh and his team have built on Aristone’s heritage, still looking after generations of local families while attracting a new, younger clientele. ‘Personal service is the key,’ he says. ‘No two eye tests are the same and everyone responds in different ways. We enjoy getting to know our patients: only last week someone I’ve known since he was at school came in just for a chat, that was lovely.’

Aristone stocks an extensive range of stylish designer (Tom Ford, Lindberg, Dolce & Gabbana and Ray-Ban) and non-designer frames and keeps a huge variety of prescription lenses. If, by chance, a prescription is not available, new glasses can be made in the upstairs lab and delivered the same day – and that prompt
service also applies to repairs.

Similar care and attention is applied to fitting contact lenses. ‘Whether the issue is astigmatism or distance and reading correction, we’ll find a lens that suits,’ explains Ritesh. ‘We take the time to sit down with customers and demonstrate how to use the lens – and we’re here if there are problems. My philosophy is simple: if customers have a positive experience, they will come back and recommend us to others.’

Aristone Optical
356 North End Road
Fulham SW6 1LY


Fulham Opticians, Aristone Opticians
Fulham Opticians, Aristone Opticians