Hammersmith Plumber: Gasworks London – The Fourth Emergency Service!

Hammersmith Plumber: Gasworks London – The Fourth Emergency Service!

Dave Halpin

Install. Repair. Service. Gasworks London delivers results with a smile!

Since the business was founded in 2006, Gasworks London has become the go-to independent central heating and boiler maintenance company in Hammersmith and neighbouring areas of West London.

Owner Dave Halpin has seen what was a ‘one-man band’ grow rapidly, and he now works with a crack team of highly experienced engineers – their distinctive fleet of black vans are a familiar sight on the streets of W6. ‘It’s been an amazing journey,’ reflects Dave. ‘I’m so proud of the friendly, personal way in which we deal with customers and, most importantly, the level of trust that we’ve built with them. In fact, most of our jobs now come via word-of-mouth recommendation.’

Gasworks’ reputation for integrity has been further enhanced by Dave’s passion for helping out in the local community. For example, during COVID he provided a free hour-long boiler repair for NHS staff, over-60s living in poverty and vulnerable people in the W2-W14 postcodes. Over the winter months, this offer was expanded to cover the common issue of a frozen blocked condense pipe.

Tony Winyard, a Brackenbury Village resident, was one very grateful client: ‘Gasworks helped me massively when my boiler suddenly packed up during below-freezing weather conditions. Dave and his team fixed the problem quickly – his generosity was invaluable at a time when my bills were sky-high.’

Dave ensures that all jobs are completed to his demanding professional standard and as speedily as possible. ‘We do our utmost to deliver a consistent, high quality service and our pricing structure is totally transparent. Gasworks doesn’t charge an upfront fee like some other companies, and if a repair only takes us five minutes to complete, then we won’t charge for the hour.

‘The best thing about my job is making people happy. The way it’s going, it won’t be long before our vans will be allowed to use sirens while attending boiler emergencies across Hammersmith and beyond!’

Gasworks London