London Safe Deposit Boxes: Safety In Numbers with Metropolitan Safe Deposits

London Safe Deposit Boxes: Safety In Numbers with Metropolitan Safe Deposits

Christopher Barrow

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your valuable possessions are secure

Courtesy of countless heist movies – think Sexy Beast and The Hatton Garden Job – safe deposit boxes have become indelibly associated with the ultra-wealthy. ‘That’s a common misconception,’ smiles Christopher Barrow, Chief Executive of Metropolitan Safe Deposits on the High Road.

‘While we have 12 sizes of box at the Chiswick vaults, most customers initially choose one of our three smallest ones. They are ideal for storing precious keepsakes, such as jewellery and watches, and cost £95, £150 and £250 per year p.a including £10,000 insurance (the largest box is £1819 p.a.). Affordability is one of the keys to our business.

‘In the UK we are still less accustomed to using what Americans call a Bank Box. That’s why we encourage people to come and see us; simply call, email or pop in to arrange an appointment and then one of our professional team will explain how we work and the options available.’

The Chiswick vaults combine multi-layered alarm and surveillance systems with proven physical protection. ‘The security network begins with 24/7 CCTV of the perimeter and interior,’ says Christopher. ‘The building is equipped with seismic and stress detectors and the “secure area” has bullet-resistant airlock doors with magnetic, mechanical and electronic locks.

‘In addition, we have three integrated alarm systems and client access is controlled by computer-verified ID and biometric fingerprint procedures. Each safe deposit box is alarmed and we are alerted if more than a given number are open at one time.’

Having invested in making the premises Covid compliant, Metropolitan Safe Deposits has been open, albeit with restricted hours, throughout lockdown. ‘Convenience is another essential element in our service,’ confirms Christopher. ‘Since 17 April we’ve been open again on Saturdays (10am-4pm), from 24 May our weekday hours will return to 8.30am-7pm and, all being well, towards the end of June we’ll re-open on Sundays.

‘At a time when banks have largely exited the safe custody market, we provide a tried and trusted alternative: a long-established independent business with a new vault for your valuable possessions.’

Metropolitan Safe Deposits
329 Chiswick High Road,
Chiswick W4 4HS