Matt Goslett: The House Hunter

Matt Goslett: The House Hunter

Whether you are upsizing, downsizing or putting a first foot on the housing ladder, Matt Goslett is the property detective

‘Recently, an artist asked me to find him a Studio. For the last 15 years he’d been using the upstairs reception of his house as a workspace; originally, he’d promised his wife that it would only ever be a temporary arrangement. I searched the market, saw plenty of options and, eventually, discovered an old 1500 square foot recording studio in Acton. He loved it – and bought it. And now his wife has got her room back.’

Independent Property Consultant Matt Goslett is recalling one of his more unusual commissions. Most of his work, however, focuses on residential homes. ‘I only represent the purchaser, whereas an estate agent is always obliged to act for the vendor,’ he explains. ‘And where an agent can only show what’s on their books, I cover the entire market.’

Matt takes a very detailed brief from each client. ‘No two are ever the same and I need to have a clear idea of exactly what is required. That’s why I drill down beyond the fundamentals of budget, location and number of rooms; for example, does the client need to be near a school or good transport links? Or an open space or shops? Do they want a garden, a garage or a parking space?

Of course, if someone is unrealistic about what their budget can achieve, I have to be honest and say so.’

Armed with the relevant information, Matt then scours the market for properties that match the search criteria. ‘I will go and see as many places as it takes for as long as it takes. Then I present the most promising prospects and arrange viewings. I also conduct all the price negotiations, can put clients in touch with a solicitor or mortgage broker and, if minor cosmetic work is needed, I know reputable contractors.’

Matt, who grew up in Kew and went to school in Richmond, has worked in the property sector for over 10 years. ‘I provide my clients with a completely bespoke, capital-wide service,’ he says. ‘And I always take great pride and pleasure in finding them their dream homes.’

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