Miranda Hart: Peggy & Me

Miranda Hart: Peggy & Me

She’s the comedienne who has made a career out of falling over on television. But, for residents of Hammersmith, Miranda Hart is the local flat cap wearing lady who appears sure footed as she walks her dog, Peggy.

Now her love of her pooch is the subject of her latest book, Peggy and Me.

Apparently, she used to ‘view dog owners with some suspicion’, in part because ‘they only talked about their pooches’, and she was ‘troubled by their apparent comfort around excrement’.

So, don’t be suspicious that she is now in fact in the habit of talking – or writing – about her beloved shih tzu – the mere pronunciation conjures up pooper scoop bags – and bichon frise cross.

This is one love story that has worked for Miranda. She met her four-legged friend nine years ago and it has ‘taught her the best life lessons’ and become her ‘smart talking but utterly loyal friend’, the press release rumbles on.

Yes, you heard it here first – her dog apparently talks. And the press release says, that the dog mutters, ‘Hello to all my future fans. You are in for such a treat to read all about me. I am completely amazing. And dear reader I cannot wait to dish the dirt about my frankly ridiculous owner. Now excuse me, I must get back to my four-paw manicure, or is it a pedicure. It’s sort of both.’

The book about a talking dog dishing the dirt on its owner is available in October (in time for the Christmas market) for £20. The press release tells us the book is guaranteed to make people laugh, particularly ‘anyone who has found themselves falling head over heels for a canine friend’. Sounds like a good read and stocking filler.

Peggy & Me
By Miranda Hart
Published: 6 October 2016
Hodder & Stoughton,
Hardback £20
Also available as an unabriged audio book read by Miranda herself.

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