Randox Health Fulham Clinic: Take Control Of Your Health

Randox Health Fulham Clinic: Take Control Of Your Health

Madie Ager-Warner

Track and understand key health indicators and live better for longer

‘Many people associate us only with Covid testing,’ says Madie Ager-Warner, the Manager of Randox Health’s recently opened Fulham Clinic. ‘In fact, this year we are celebrating our 40-year anniversary and, in that time, we have worked with health care organisations worldwide.’

Having played a pivotal role in the UK’s National Testing Programme, Randox Health is now opening a network of clinics like the one on Fulham High Street. ‘Post-pandemic, we have all become more used to taking responsibility for our health,’ says Madie. ‘By providing an extensive range of testing options, both at the clinic and for home use, we aim to help everyone be pro-active about their wellbeing.’

Randox’s Heath Check programmes are based on taking a blood test and analysing the wealth of data produced to identify any concerns. ‘For example, our popular 12-month EveryMan EveryWoman service measures up to 150 data points linked to key health areas,’ explains Madie. ‘Every client then attends a consultation with a scientist who gives an informed breakdown of the results (an optional GP appointment is available). Most importantly, the client has a repeat blood test six months later, so any problem can be monitored.

‘In addition, we offer a premium Signature programme (with up to 350 data points measured) and a new EveryMother programme. That comprises a comprehensive screen for expectant mothers from 20 weeks onwards and includes three diagnostic health checks (pre and post-natal) and a nutritional review.’

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Madie Ager-Warner

As well as in-clinic testing, clients can also pick up or order At Home sample collection kits to check issues such as heart and thyroid health and Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 levels, and, of course, Randox still delivers fast, competitive Covid-19 travel testing and certification.

‘We’re delighted to be in Fulham and want to build long-term relationships with our local clients,’ says Madie. ‘To find out how we can help you live a healthier life, do come in and see us.’

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