Artist: James White

Artist: James White

James White (b.1981) is an American-French architect, writer and illustrator who has been based in the UK for most of the last 15 years. Since moving to Hammersmith, London in January 2015, James has been enchanted by the distinctive buildings and cultural richness of Brackenbury. His ‘Brackenbury Buildings’ drawings offer a journey through some of the familiar architectural landmarks of Brackenbury’s community.

James-White-artistJames White – Artist, Architect, Writer and Illustrator

Meet James White on April 16 2016 at:
Thatched House pub (pop-up MeMarket)
115 Dalling Road
London W6 0ET
Details here:
James will also be presenting and signing his children’s books:
– ‘Normal Norm’ (2015):
Norman is a normal man, with a normal life and normal habits. Until the day he finds a ‘Miss Normal’ in the phonebook…
– ‘Flemings & Flemmings’ (2015):
In a bilingual English-French adventure, two Victorian explorers with fantastic moustaches set out on a journey to discover faraway lands and disseminate their ‘superior’ culture…


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