Brackenbury Wine Rooms: Wine Classes hosted by Bobby Fishel

Brackenbury Wine Rooms: Wine Classes hosted by Bobby Fishel

Q. What do you look for as a wine buyer?
I seek out unusual, rare, and limited wines. I search for small production wines, organic, biodynamic, unusual and different wines. The joy of wine is discovery, it’s about tasting something you’ve not tasted before. I share these wines at our wine dinners and wine classes.

Q. Tell me more about your wine classes?
Classes are informal, sociable and fun. Each tasting session is followed by a discussion about what each of us is experiencing as we taste the wine. It’s not just the tastebuds that are used but a whole raft of senses, sight, smell, taste, and feel.

‘I like a wine to challenge perceptions’

We may focus on a grape, a region and a terroir. A topic could be pinot noir, a famous wine grape mainly associated with the Burgundy region of France. We will then taste wines from Burgundy, discuss what makes the wines so special, why we want to focus on pinot noirs. Then, we will taste pinot noirs from around the world, different expressions of the same grape. We try to understand why the wine changes.

I have things I would like to talk about, but the direction follows the questions from the guests on the day.

Q. Are wine classes formal events?
Classes certainly aren’t rowdy, but there’s definitely more social interaction after the second glass! I like people to enjoy tasting a different or challenging wine that takes them out of their comfort zone. I hope they learn something they didn’t know before.

Saturday 12th March 7.30pm – Expressions of Pinot Noir – £25
Saturday 23rd April 7.30pm – Natural Wines – £25
Saturday 14th May 7.30pm – Chardonnay – £25
Saturday 11th June 7.30pm – Bubbles – £25

Please ask Bobby about private wine classes and wine dinners.

Brackenbury Wine Rooms
111 – 115 Hammersmith Grove W6 0NQ
0203 696 8240

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