Chartered Practice Architects: Designed to Last

Chartered Practice Architects: Designed to Last

Warren Hagues

Architect Warren Hagues discusses the importance of designing homes that work now and in the future

When designing new housing it’s important to keep in mind the ‘Lifetime Homes Standard’. Put simply, this is a set of 16 key criteria that provide a practical model for making homes adaptable and accessible in the future.

The purpose is to enable owners/occupiers to stay in their home from birth to old age and to cope with any illnesses or mobility issues that may occur along the way. At CPA Ltd we always follow this approach, addressing potential changing needs so that homeowners will be able to live in their properties without having to move or put them on the market.

For example, this can mean considering how to give a room multiple uses or to create a living space that can be used safely without introducing the sort of institutional aesthetic that most people dislike in their homes.

Just recently, I’ve been reminded of the need for flexible spaces that allow easy adaptation – the prospect of spending four weeks on crutches has had that effect! So, whether a home needs to change to accommodate a growing family, to cater for someone with reduced mobility or to create an office, there’s a very good reason to design for the one certainty in life: change.

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