Chiswick Computers: Collect, Fix And Drop…

Chiswick Computers: Collect, Fix And Drop…

Steve Bonnici

Chiswick Computers now offers a flexible call-out and remote service for home and small business users

‘Some people have asked me if I was now running a Thai Spa,’ smiles Steve Bonnici, the owner of Chiswick Computers. ‘Well, we had been at the workshop (it is now a Spa) on King Street for over a decade.’ The good news for his many local clients is that, even though not operating from the old gloriously cluttered premises, Steve is still very much in business; Chiswick Computers is now mobile and offering exactly the same scope and high quality of service.

Over the years, Steve has built a superb reputation for professional expertise and friendly, honest advice. ‘Giving up the shop was prompted by several factors,’ he explains. ‘I didn’t want to sign a new long lease, the commuting and hours were punishing and I wanted to spend more time with my family.

‘But we haven’t disappeared! I still work 9am-6pm and can call on members of my team of experienced engineers for support. We will collect computers, laptops and gaming machines from W4, solve the problem and then drop them off – or we can work in situ if that suits better. Diagnose and fix is our bread and butter – there are few issues on any machine that we haven’t tackled before – and we are increasingly focusing on new builds and refurbs.’

Steve also offers domestic users a remote preventative maintenance package and, for corporate clients, 24/7 Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM). ‘We install software that remotely manages a system, carrying out updates and detecting problems as they happen,’ he explains. ‘It’s a preventative alternative to the traditional break/fix scenario.

‘As always, we have a no-fix, no-fee guarantee and explain everything in plain English. When customers used to ask if they should make an appointment, I always said: “we’re a shop, just turn up.” Now it’s… “just call or message us!”‘

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