Home Instead: Much-Needed Respite For Family Carers

Home Instead: Much-Needed Respite For Family Carers

‘It hasn’t felt like care at all. At least, it’s not what I thought care would feel like. I’ve actually really enjoyed it.’ – Maggie Jones, a Home Instead client

‘It’s so often the case that when a husband, wife or children are caring for a loved one, they simply don’t feel able to step away for a holiday,’ says Maddy Alemayehu, Director of Home Instead Chiswick and Hammersmith. ‘That’s entirely understandable, but it’s also unhealthy for all concerned: those who look after others must also look after themselves, otherwise they risk burn-out.’

Home Instead’s two-week respite service is specifically designed to enable carers to take a much-needed break and return refreshed and ready to resume their role. ‘In their absence, we will look after everything and they can relax with complete peace of mind,’ adds Maddy. ‘Many clients use us to provide regular respite, and in particular during Summer and Christmas. We find that having done it once, they are much more confident about doing so again; indeed, spouses and families often ask for the same Care Professional because a close relationship has developed.’

‘The preferred option is usually to have a live-in Care Professional, but we can also arrange visits ,’ explains Maddy. ‘Naturally, we take a full “brief” about exactly what is needed: our team will cook nutritious meals, clean and shop, ensure medication is taken, take the client to appointments or social events, walk pets and organise regular phone or online chats. In addition, we can act as the designated emergency responder and step in if there is an unexpected problem.

‘Most importantly, there is a long-term benefit to using respite care. The person being looked after often realises that “care” is not necessarily what they had anticipated, and that it can be a very positive experience. That is so valuable in terms of planning for the future: it’s the perfect way of testing the water. If you would like to know more about our respite service, do get in touch.’

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