Chiswick Computers: Keeping Up-To-Date With Updates

Chiswick Computers: Keeping Up-To-Date With Updates

Steve Bonnici

Chiswick Computers is offering a new remote maintenance service that protects home users against hacking and viruses

‘Failing to install updates on programmes such as Windows, Dropbox, Flash, Java and Adobe means running the risk of being much more vulnerable to viruses and hacks,’ explains Steve Bonnici of Chiswick Computers. ‘Often people just don’t get round to doing it. We see so many victims of hacking: one client lost £200,000 and he had no idea that it had happened!’

To address this common problem, Steve has recently introduced a new remote preventative maintenance service designed specifically for home users. ‘Our package is arranged on a monthly basis and it includes regular software updates, 50GB of online back-up and anti-virus protection. We can’t see the client’s personal data, but we do monitor their system events and, if necessary, alert them to any issues.

‘We compare the programmes on a client’s system against the latest available versions and, if their software is older, we sort out the update automatically. Also, if software has been installed “by the back door” without the client’s knowledge, I get an alert on my watch and can check with the customer and remove the problem. The system works a treat.’

Chiswick Computers has offered comprehensive remote monitoring to corporate clients for many years. ‘For a fixed monthly fee, we’ll install sophisticated software that remotely manages a business computer system, carrying out updates and detecting failures as and when they happen. We have 24/7 access – it’s a preventative alternative to the traditional break/fix scenario,’ explains Steve.

Steve and his experienced team of technicians are the local experts when it comes to diagnosing and repairing faults with Windows-based PCs and Apple iMac, MacBook, iPad and iPhones (the company has Which? Trusted Trader status) and they also provide walk-in counter assistance.

‘People ask me if they need to make an appointment and I always say, “we’re a shop, just turn up.” If we can fix something on the spot we will and we’re always happy to give advice. Also, we have a no-fix, no-fee guarantee and we explain everything in plain English!’

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