Chiswick Computers: Your Personal Support System

Chiswick Computers: Your Personal Support System

‘Steve knows our business. He reacts quickly and delivers exactly the support we need. We can trust him.’ – Dominic Hughes, Pot Pourri, Chiswick

‘At Christmas I get invited to quite a few office parties,’ admits Steve Bonnici. ‘It’s a nice confirmation that I’m seen as one of the team. The parties are fun too!’

Steve has been running Chiswick Computers since 2003, in that time establishing an excellent reputation for friendly, problem-solving expertise. Steve personally handles the company’s IT support, looking after small businesses and home-based one-person bands as well as families and even 90-plus year-olds with little computer knowledge.

‘No two customers are the same and that’s why I like to build a relationship with each one,’ he says. ‘If I understand what they do and how they do it, then I can tailor our support to their needs. I’ll tackle anything from emails bouncing back and program upgrades to servers crashing. And I try to respond straight away; I realise that if there’s an IT issue, my client isn’t making money or operating to full capacity.’

A popular part of the Chiswick Computers service is its Remote Monitoring and Management package. ‘For a fixed monthly fee, we’ll install software that remotely manages a business computer system, carrying out updates and monitoring and detecting problems as they happen. It’s a preventative alternative to the traditional break/fix scenario,’ explains Steve. ‘For example, recently a hard drive was flagged up which had gone from 70% to 3% free space in two days. I identified the cause – our customer had inadvertently set up an extra backup which was backing up the backup – fixed it from my desk.’

Since the cost of remote monitoring has reduced appreciably, Steve also now offers this option to home owners. ‘And, of course, as well as remote support we continue to provide walk-in counter assistance at our office – if we can fix something on the spot, we’ll always do so – and give phone and email advice,’ he adds.

And one thing’s certain: when you receive IT support from Steve, you’ll understand what he is doing. ‘I always explain everything in plain, jargon-free English. There’s no point otherwise!’

Services include:
* Hardware, Desktop and Laptop repairs
* Virus Removal
* Online Security
* SPAM removal
* Software installation
* Networking (cabled and wireless).

Chiswick Computers
349 King Street, W6 9NH

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