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‘We all tell stories every day – anecdotes and jokes to our friends, colleagues and family. So why not give creative writing a go?’ – Diane Chandler, Creative Writing Workshops London [Chiswick]

I can still remember how nervous I was at having to read my work out to others when I first started writing creatively over twenty years ago. And for that reason our creative writing workshops are limited to a maximum of eight people. They take place around the safe environment of my kitchen table in Chiswick, and my co-host, Stephanie Zia of Blackbird Books, and I take great care to ensure that everyone is settled and feeling comfortable. What’s more, there is absolutely no pressure to read out – you can join in or just listen.

“You both created a nurturing, productive and inclusive environment… “

“Friendly and welcoming atmosphere… no pressure to share”

“Though you made it seem effortless it was an extremely well-planned and considered workshop and I learnt a lot whilst thoroughly enjoying myself.”

Our focus is on unleashing the imagination, and we cover the basics of character, plot, dialogue, openings, and using the senses to bring writing to life. We use simple, fun exercises and at every workshop we aim to guarantee laughter!

“An absolutely brilliant course! Concise, clear and full of humour.”

“Exceeded my expectations.. cosy, intimate, yet professionally run.”

“I booked it as a treat for myself, and what a treat it was!”

While our workshops have been designed for complete beginners, we welcome experienced writers too and usually find we have a balance. Over the past 18 months my kitchen has enjoyed the presence of complete beginners, journalists, scriptwriters, memoirists, bloggers, copywriters, short story writers, along with both published and unpublished novelists.

“Inspired me to write again”

“Made me want to focus on developing the first draft as soon as possible”

“I’m going straight to the coffee shop to start writing!”

Each one-off workshop runs for three hours. The cost £40 includes limitless coffee and homemade brownies. We also run follow-ups, delving deeper into eg. plot or character, for those who have attended our beginners’ workshop.

Creative Writing Workshops London Diane Chandler
Ever fancied Creative Writing? Prize-winning author, Diane Chandler, and her publisher, Stephanie Zia of Blackbird Digital Books, have beginners’ workshops planned for this spring/summer.

How do you create great characters? How do you begin to plot a page-turner? How can you use your senses to bring your writing to life? Come along and unleash your imagination during an exhilarating morning of simple and fun creative writing exercises in a safe and supportive setting around my kitchen table in Chiswick. Maximum 8 people. Join in or just listen – no pressure to share. Cost £40 includes limitless coffee and homemade brownies.

2020 Creative Writing Workshops:
Saturday February 1st 2pm-5pm
Tuesday March 3rd 10am-1pm
Tuesday May 5th 10am-1pm
Tuesday 30th June 10am-1pm

Off Chiswick High Road (full address provided on registering)


“An absolutely brilliant course! Concise, clear and full of humour.”

“Exceeded my expectations… cosy, intimate, yet professionally run.”

“I booked it as a treat for myself, and what a treat it was!”

“The most exhilarating three hours I’ve spent in a long while.”

“Such a fab workshop, so much fun! Look forward to the follow-up.”

“Became aware that I have more imagination than I thought, an extraordinary discovery. Felt safe to share.”

Diane Chandler

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