Chiswick W4: Dorota’s Lifestyle Studio – HYPOXI – The Body Beautiful

Chiswick W4: Dorota’s Lifestyle Studio – HYPOXI – The Body Beautiful

Dorota Zelazny

Shape up and look and feel fabulous at Dorota’s Lifestyle Studio

It took well over a year of searching Chiswick for the right premises, but earlier this month Dorota Zelazny finally celebrated the official opening of her stylish new High Road studio next to West London Auctions.

That persistence has paid off and Dorota now has eight-times more space in which to offer an expanded range of health and beauty treatments. The ground floor is dedicated to HYPOXI body-shaping (with double the number of machines) and, in the newly converted basement, there are three comfortable rooms reserved for laser-hair removal, shockwave therapy, massage and aesthetic injections.

Dorota herself is the HYPOXI expert. Suitable for all fitness levels and based on boosting blood flow in ‘problem’ body areas, it is founded on the principle that fat and cellulite (usually around the stomach, hip, buttocks and thighs) are more efficiently eliminated when there is a strong blood flow in the problem part of the body.

‘HYPOXI targets those ‘lumps and bumps’ by using alternating high and low pressure to boostcirculation,’ explains Dorota. ‘Each session lasts an hour. The first part is a lymphatic massage, which enhances skin tone and reduces cellulite. Then comes 30 minutes of gentle exercise on a bike or treadmill in a pressure chamber; this process uses the blood to transport fatty acids to the muscles, where they are burned more effectively.’

Dorota herself was inspired to launch her business after booking a HYPOXI programme and seeing theresults. ‘I recommend taking 12 sessions over a month. With that commitment, the average weight loss is a dress size in 4-6 weeks.’

Dorota’s Lifestyle Studio – HYPOXI
28 Chiswick High Road,
W4 1TE

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