Collins Motors: The Generation Game

Collins Motors: The Generation Game

John, James, Richard and Kieran

The Collins family has been serving the local community for almost 40 years

There can’t be many family businesses more ‘family’ than Collins Motors. Operating from the same Trussley Road site since 1980, there are three generations working together.

‘We’re really proud of that,’ smiles John Collins. ‘I started the garage with my dad Sean. He’s still involved and my brother Brian runs our Park Royal branch. My son James and nephew Richard work with me and Brian’s son Jack is with him.’

The experienced Collins team comprises in-house and dealership trained mechanics and they handle the servicing of all makes and models from Minis to Rolls Royces. With 95% of customers being regulars, the family clearly has a proven winning formula, which John sums up as: Old-fashioned Courtesy and Modern Technology.

‘To do a professional job you must have the very best equipment – and we’re always investing in the latest kit,’ he explains. ‘But, equally importantly, I believe in personal service and good manners. If we find that more work is needed, we call the owner straight away. We don’t just go ahead and do it. We always let the client make the final decision, then there are no surprise extra charges later on.’

That ethos also applies to MOTs. ‘If there’s a problem we offer a free re-test period. If you get the repairs done – not necessarily by us – and return the car within seven days, we won’t charge for the re-test.’ Using plain English is another given. ‘When we replace a part we show the customer the old one and explain what has happened.’

One consequence of being a long-standing part of the W6 community is that families have grown up with the garage. ‘We have “youngsters” coming in who I remember in pushchairs,’ says John. ‘And we even find that when one of our “regulars” moves from the area they leave our card for the new people and they bring their vehicles here!’

Collins Motors
232 Trussley Rd, W6 7PS


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