Pod Fitness: Get in Shape in the Great Outdoors

Pod Fitness: Get in Shape in the Great Outdoors

Bianca (centre) and the Pod team

Enjoy the benefits of small group training in local parks with Pod Fitness.

Last autumn Bianca Sainty re-structured her awardwinning outdoor training business. First and foremost was a new name: Pod Fitness. ‘I’d been considering it for a while,’ she explains. ‘The Pod concept reflects our focus on working solely with small groups of like-minded individuals who love exercising in stimulating surroundings.’

‘We’ve also made the timetable and pricing more flexible. Our programme now runs in the mornings in Ravenscourt Park and Furnivall Gardens (6.30-10.30am six days a week) and the monthly membership allows clients to mix and match easily between four and eight-person Pods. There’s the option to buy top-up sessions and, for new clients, we are currently offering a seven-day trial for £27 (valid for all Pod sessions).’

Bianca launched her company after running the 2011 London Marathon. ‘Exercise had always been a part of my life but, with a busy job and young children, I’d lost touch with it. The Marathon made me realise just what I was missing and so I decided to study for a Diploma in Personal Training. After qualifying, I didn’t want to be gym-based. That’s how I started taking people I’d met at the nursery and school to the parks.’
Pod Fitness
One element of Bianca’s business that hasn’t changed is the expertise of her friendly team. ‘Our trainers take a wide range of classes (Kickboxing, Stretching, Resistance, Strength, High Intensity and Circuits) and they all have their own styles. That’s vital when it comes to keeping sessions fresh and lively. Before any new client joins, we ask questions about their level of fitness, objectives and past injuries and that enables us to adjust the work-out to make it as effective as possible.

‘Kings College, London published a study that confirmed the connection between being outdoors and
wellbeing. I’m sure that the positive effects of training multiply when you can see the sky. If you would like to get in shape, meet new people and have fun, we will help you reach your fitness goals.’

Pod Fitness

Pod Fitness

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