Elite Textile Care: Keep It Clean!

Elite Textile Care: Keep It Clean!

Elite Textile Care provides eco-friendly wet cleaning, expert tailoring and the opportunity to sell clothing

Go behind the scenes at Elite Textile Care and you’re struck by the Tardis-like nature of the premises. Behind the counter there’s a huge room – and that’s exactly what prompted owners, Ravinder and Menon, to expand their dry cleaning operation to include bespoke tailoring, alterations and even a retail area in which the public can sell their pre-used clothes.

Strictly speaking, Elite Textile Care isn’t a dry cleaners at all: it is a wet cleaning business. ‘We’ve taken a conscious decision to pursue the eco-friendly wet cleaning route,’ Ravinder emphasises. ‘That means no solvents and no toxins. Traditional dry cleaners use a strong liquid solvent called perchloroethylene (perc) which, while it’s an effective stain remover, changes the texture of fabrics and leaves a smell. Wet cleaning is good for clothing, good for the wearer and environmentally aware; in fact, we achieve better results with a wet clean because we can work with sequins, beads, lace, silk and delicate fabrics.’

The second string to Elite Textile Care’s bow is a comprehensive repair, restoration and alteration service for garments, sofa covers, rugs, shoes, boots and handbags. ‘We can handle most things in-house – shortening trousers, tapering jackets, taking in a suit, altering the shape of a gown, wool and cashmere darning,’ explains Ravinder. ‘And when we have suede and leather items, which seem popular just now, we liaise with a local company with the necessary specialist machinery.’

To make the most of their space, the husband and wife team has started allowing clients to sell clothing – it must be in good condition – that has been gathering dust in the wardrobe. ‘It’s a 50:50 arrangement and we keep items on the rails for three months,’ says Ravinder. ‘And if someone finds a dress in a size 12 but needs it in size 10, we can do the alteration.

‘Whichever of our services customers want to use, we’re happy to give practical advice and set out all the options so they can make the best decision.’

Elite Textile Care
21 Kew Road, TW9 2NQ
020 8948 4700


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