Fulham Dentist: Fulham Dental Clinic – Have A White Christmas!

Fulham Dentist: Fulham Dental Clinic – Have A White Christmas!

Justyna Kamecka

Remember to book early for teeth whitening treatments and ensure that your smile is sparkling this festive season

‘Every year, we notice the same thing,’ says Justyna Kamecka, the owner and Clinical Director of the Fulham Dental Clinic. ‘In the weeks before Christmas – and I’m sorry to mention the C word so soon! – patients try to make an appointment for teeth whitening. And, sadly, we’re not always able to accommodate them.

‘Of course, we expect a high seasonal demand, but the process that we recommend takes longer than people realise. It’s not like walking in and having your nails done! Firstly, beforehand, most patients require a thorough hygiene clean to remove tartare and staining. Also, teeth whitening is a prescription treatment, so we must carry out an oral health examination to identify any underlying issues, such as tooth decay, that may prevent effective whitening. ‘Our advice is to have the clean and the examination at the same time and then wait a week before the whitening appointment. That then takes two hours. We apply fresh gel in four 15-minute cycles, between which the mouth is completely rinsed. Afterwards, every patient is given a teeth whitening tray, so they can top up at home – as a special Christmas offer we’ll deduct the cost of the oral examination from the whitening.’

Justyna also recommends booking in advance for complex cosmetic procedures, such as orthodontics and Bio-assisted gum therapy, which may need longer ‘in the chair’ and which are done by one of the Dental Clinic’s specialists.

‘Our philosophy is never to give patients a quick fix; rather, we want to resolve problems once and for all,’ she says. ‘Everyone here is friendly and welcoming and we never forget that there’s a human being with the teeth! If you would like to find out how we can keep your mouth healthy and smile confident, pop in and talk to us.’

Treatments include:

  • Bio-Assisted Laser Gum Therapy
  • Cleaning with Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT)
  • Children’s Clean
  • Periodontal Clean
  • Orthodontic Clean

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