Fulham Hair Salon: Anna’s Hair Salon – The Cutting Edge

Fulham Hair Salon: Anna’s Hair Salon – The Cutting Edge

Ricardo Canadinhas

Having just celebrated 30 years in business, Ricardo and his team at Anna’s Hair Salon provide first-class hairdressing with a delightful personal touch

‘Hairdressing was the last thing that I thought I would ever do,’ smiles Ricardo Canadinhas, owner of Anna’s Hair Salon on Fulham Palace Road. ‘Aged 16, I did my apprenticeship here with my mother (Anna) – and I hated it! Aged 17, I studied for a degree in Performing Arts and then I spent years travelling the world with Spirit of the Dance.’

It was only when Anna became ill that Ricardo thought again. ‘Also, I must admit, I was hitting my late 20s and thinking, how long can I carry on dancing? The upshot was, 14 years after I’d left, I re-joined my mother and re-trained (he is now a Masters Colour Expert with Wella).’

Anna founded the business in 1992. ‘She started on her own and built it into a very successful salon. I’m so pleased that I was able to work with her before she passed away in 2017,’ says Ricardo. ‘Afterwards, I decided to carry on, but I had my own vision: while keeping Anna’s lovely loyal regulars, I wanted to be much more creative, especially in colouring, and take a new approach that reflected my skills and moved the business forward.

‘Today, Anna’s is predominantly a colour salon and we attract a new, younger clientele who want their highlights done regularly. I’m lucky to have a superb team of experienced professionals and they are all-round hairdressers, so one stylist will cut and colour. Also, I’m proud that we’re a 100% sustainable eco operation: all our paper, plastic, foil, hair and chemical waste is recycled and the towels are compostable.

‘One thing that never changes at Anna’s is the customer service. We love to build a rapport with clients – they become friends – and “Fulham exiles” still come from Brighton, Exeter and even Hull to have their hair done. We provide a high quality service, good conversation, a nice coffee or tea and a really enjoyable experience – it’s like coming to a second home.’

Anna’s Hair Salon
367 Fulham Palace Road
Fulham SW6 6TA
020 7736 6442