Fuller’s: Brewing up a storm

Fuller’s: Brewing up a storm

Georgina Young

Georgina Young is making history at Fuller’s as the first female Head Brewer in 172 years

There is no persuading Georgina (George) Young to reveal her Fuller’s beer of choice. ‘I can’t answer that,’ she laughs. ‘It’s like asking which is my favourite child – I love them all equally.’

George was appointed Head Brewer in January. With responsibility for managing the brewing teams, creating new beers and maintaining the quality for which Fuller’s is famed, it’s all a long way from the student lifestyle which prompted her love of beer.

‘I was studying Biotechnology at Kings College and spent far too much time in Kensington hostelries. But that passion inspired me to get a place on the MA Course in Brewing and Distilling at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh.’

George joined Fuller’s as a Production Brewer in 1999. ‘I started by doing physical shift work,’ she recalls. ’It was hands-on, making the beer, controlling fermentation and dealing with engineering issues. After two years, I moved to packaging and that gave me an all-round understanding of the nuts and bolts of the business.’

Over the years George has seen major changes in the industry. ‘Traditionally, beers were malty, but today there’s a trend towards hoppier, more bitter beers; at Fuller’s we work very hard to offer beers to suit all tastes.’

One constant of all the ales is the secret ‘house yeast’. ‘It has a very orange-y, marmalade-y flavour,’ says George. ‘It’s easy to pick up in ESB and, with Oliver’s Island, we enhance that flavour by brewing with orange peel.’

To gain an insight into how a Fuller’s pint is created, George recommends the popular brewery tour. ‘You really get to see us in action. Our site only covers 4.5 acres, but all the beer is brewed here; the mix of old vessels and new technology is fascinating.’

And does George have one final tip for Fuller’s aficionados? Yes: ’with London Pride, you never realise just how good it is until the third pint!’

Brewing up a storm

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