Hearing Well: Hearing Aid

Hearing Well: Hearing Aid

Deepak Jagota

Audiologist Deepak Jagota is spreading the joy of better hearing at home and abroad

‘I felt very privileged. Every time we fitted a hearing aid – and that was about every 10 minutes or so – there were “light bulb” moments as patients suddenly realised they could hear properly. People were hugging us – one elderly gent even gave me some local moonshine as a thank you.’

Hearing aid audiologist Deepak Jagota, the owner of Hearing Well on the High Road, is recalling his first experience on a charitable mission to Armenia in 2017 organised by The Starkey Hearing Foundation. ‘I really had no idea what to expect and I was nervous,’ he admits. ‘A clinic was set up in a huge stadium in Yerevan, the capital, and people were “bussed in” from all parts of the country.

‘On the first day, our international team treated 500 people – and it turned out they were going easy on us! After three days, we had seen 1800 patients. This year, in May, I volunteered once more – this time we were based in a mountain ski resort – and, if I were asked, I’d do it again in a nanosecond.’

Back home in Chiswick Deepak provides a comprehensive range of audiology services, from conducting hearing tests and prescribing hearing aids to micro-suction earwax removal and tinnitus advice.

‘I’ve invested in high quality testing equipment and, as an independent audiologist, I can choose the best solutions from all the leading manufacturers. I allocate as much time as necessary for each patient – it’s never a case of, “oh it’s just another ear.” If, say, an elderly person needs longer to chat, that’s never a problem. Equally important, my patients have a long-term aftercare package, including a “F1 pitstop” every six months.’

As part of his practice, Deepak regularly attends advanced training courses. ’The technology in our industry is evolving all the time. For example, hearing aids can be fitted with a sensor which is used to detect falls and track movements for exercise. Sometimes I feel like Q from James Bond when I’m explaining what I can do for patients!’
Hearing Well
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