Hearing Well: Sound Advice

Hearing Well: Sound Advice

Deepak Jagota

Does everyone else seem to be mumbling? If so, you might need a hearing test…

In 90 minutes hearing aid audiologist Deepak Jagota can change lives for the better. That’s how long it takes him to complete a hearing assessment. ‘It’s an in-depth process,’ he explains. ‘But in that time I’m able to diagnose a patient’s hearing capability and program a sample hearing aid to demonstrate how significantly it can be improved. That’s usually the eureka moment!’

Deepak has owned and run his practice on Chiswick High Road for over two years. He provides a comprehensive range of audiology services, from conducting tests and prescribing hearing aids to micro-suction earwax removal and tinnitus advice.

That initial consultation always begins with detailed questions about the patient’s overall health and a thorough examination of the ears, checking for any wax issues. ‘In building a case history, I need to pinpoint the circumstances in which hearing is a problem,’ says Deepak. ‘For example, it could be in a social situation, having to turn up the TV or thinking everyone is speaking quietly.

‘I then carry out two simple, painless tests. The first is audiometry: this measures loudness in decibels across the spectrum of human hearing and tells me exactly what the patient can and cannot hear. The second, called Speech in Noise, reveals how effectively the brain is able to distinguish speech amongst background babble.’

Having made his diagnosis, Deepak puts together a graphic display (an audiogram) revealing the disparity between the current and potentially enhanced level of hearing. Then comes that eureka moment: he programs a hearing aid with the precise level of correction so that the patient actually experiences the improvement. ‘After that, we discuss the most appropriate style of aid. As an independent audiologist, I can choose the best solutions from the leading manufacturers and that flexibility also applies to cost and cosmetic appearance.

‘Most importantly, my patients are not just buying a hearing aid. I provide a personal aftercare package, including a “F1 pitstop” every six months. I love what I do. Life is too short to put up with something that reduces the joy of connecting with others.’

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