Maison Samadi

The Joy of Living, the Pleasure of Giving


Maison Samadi 301 King Street, W6 9NH


51.4933471, -0.24017079999998714


Maison Samadi builds on a long standing family tradition started by my great grandfather (Muhieddine Samadi) in 1872 and passed on from one generation to the next which made the Samadi name synonymous with outstanding quality and exquisite taste. Maison Samadi London brings this long standing heritage in an elegant range to fit the cosmopolitan and fashionable lifestyle of London.

Our chocolates use the finest ingredients. They do not contain alcohol or animal fat except cow’s milk. Each chocolate creation is individually wrapped to preserve the delicate taste. Our hand-crafted chocolate gifts are carefully decorated by our skilled artisans to create the ultimate gift that tells them you really care and leaves a lasting memory.

Maison Samadi- London: The joy of Living, the pleasure of Giving

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