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The Dewberry Clinic provides a safe, family-friendly, GP-led private service

‘As GPs, patients are always asking us for medical tests and screening services not currently funded by the NHS,’ says Dr Jennie Beach. ‘Using a flexible appointment system, we wanted to be able to meet those expectations and, in addition, carry out Botox and other aesthetic treatments in a clinically monitored environment. That was the inspiration for The Dewberry Clinic.’

Jennie and Dr Emily Weston-Price opened their Private GP Clinic six months ago. Graduates of Charing Cross and Imperial College Medical Schools, they have over 30 years’ combined experience and are well-known locally. Jennie practises at the Ashville Surgery and Emily at Lilyville@Parsons Green.

‘Patients often aren’t aware that many health and blood tests are not available on the NHS,’ explains Emily. ‘For example, routine smear tests are only done every three years and chicken pox, meningitis, shingles (limited by age bracket) and flu (under 65s) vaccinations are just some that aren’t covered. Jennie and I will fulfil those requirements and we make convenient appointments outside working hours and at weekends.’

At The Dewberry, Emily and Jennie provide Botox treatments and ear piercing in a safe space. ‘There’s been so much negative press coverage about how Botox is administered,’ says Emily. ‘We trained at the Royal Society of Medicine and we only use the original, reputable Allergen brand. As well as smoothing wrinkles, it’s the perfect solution for anyone who suffers from excessive underarm sweating.’

Jennie had a personal reason for offering ear piercing (for over 10s). ‘I didn’t want my daughter to pop down to the nearest place on the High Street,’ she smiles. ‘So, we trained ourselves – and I ended up piercing my daughter’s ears and those of all her friends!’

Emily and Jennie are always happy to discuss individual problems and services and give general medical advice. ‘With us patients have the chance to see NHS-trained GPs who know the referral system and have excellent contacts with other practitioners,’ says Emily. ‘And we try to be available – recently, I did a chicken pox vaccination at 9am on a Sunday morning!’

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