London Plumber: The Italian Plumber – A Smart Heating Solution

London Plumber: The Italian Plumber – A Smart Heating Solution

Samuele Alberton

Is it possible to make significant savings on bills by upgrading your existing system?

In the last issue of Chiswick Locals, Samuele Alberton (aka The Italian Plumber) described the solution he used to try to ensure that his heating system was operating with maximum efficiency, both in keeping the home cosy and being economic to run. Samuele’s main aim was to make a substantial dent in his domestic bills, and here he reveals what happened…

‘As a family, for far too long we used to switch on the heating and casually leave rooms to warm up, even if we weren’t intending to be in them. In the current climate, that’s just not an option; it’s like throwing money out the window, not to mention the carbon emissions that fly out with it.

‘So, two years ago, I installed a Honeywell Evohome temperature control kit. Connected smart controllers are attached to individual radiator valves and they are then operated by either touchscreen thermostat, app, web browser or a voice assistant, such as Alexa. This allows the homeowner to create zoned heating areas – Smart Zones – and easily control the temperature of any room at any time (underfloor heating and heat pump controllers are also available).

‘From a practical point of view, we’ve been delighted with the results and, in particular, it’s been so handy to be able to leave the heating off while we’re out and turn it on remotely to guarantee we always come back to a lovely snug home.

‘However, the key question is, what’s been the impact on our household costs? While it’s impossible to quote a totally accurate figure, the savings have been significant – up to 40% on occasion. Choosing Evohome was definitely one of my best decisions and the set-up – that varies according to specific needs – probably paid for itself within 18 months.

‘If you would like advice about how Evohome could work for you, do get in touch. The installation only takes a few hours and it’s very simple to use.’

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