Metropolitan Safe Deposits: Ticking All The Boxes

Metropolitan Safe Deposits: Ticking All The Boxes

Christopher Barrow

Metropolitan Safe Deposits’ vaults deliver maximum protection

Metropolitan Safe Deposits opened its world-class security vault on the High Road in 2019. Since then the business has flourished, with strong demand driven significantly by local word-of-mouth recommendation. Here Chief Executive Christopher Barrow explains more about the philosophy and procedures underpinning that success.

Metropolitan Safe Deposits: Ticking All The Boxes
Metropolitan Safe Deposits: Ticking All The Boxes

Why use an independent vault?
‘The vast majority of UK banks have abandoned the safe custody sector and, curiously, done so at a time of rising concern about crime. We offer an affordable, tried and trusted alternative.’

Do you have a typical customer?
‘There is a misconception that vaults are for the ultra-wealthy. That’s not true. People from all walks of life can rent a safe deposit box: we offer 12 sizes from £99 p.a (including £10,000 insurance) with no access charges.’

Metropolitan Safe Deposits: Peace Of Mind

What is your approach to security?
‘We embrace the traditional and the cutting-edge: 24/7 CCTV covers the premises, we use multi-layered alarm systems (each box is also individually alarmed), the “secure area” is protected by bullet-resistant airlock doors and access controlled by computer-verified ID and fingerprint technology.’

How does a new client sign up?
‘The first step is to reserve a box online – there’s no commitment – and we will then arrange a meeting with a member of our staff. They will explain the flexible options available and answer any questions – full details are also on the website.’


What is the level of staff training?
‘The knowledge and efficiency of our team is second to none, and it can take up to a year to train a Security Controller in all elements of the vault operation.’

What are your opening hours?
‘Convenience is essential to our customer service. We open 362 days a year Monday-Friday 8.30am-7pm, Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 10am-4pm.’

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