Richmond Sports Shoes: Sporting Feet – Best Foot Forward

Richmond Sports Shoes: Sporting Feet – Best Foot Forward

Dom and Michael

Whatever your sporting pursuit, it’s worth making sure your feet are fit for purpose

‘If your footwear doesn’t fit – slightly too narrow or too small or not enough arch support or cushioning – then it can cause issues or injuries,’ says Dom Stead. ‘That’s where we come in: we have the experience and expertise to customise the shoe or boot and ensure that every element is perfect.’

I’ve just watched Dom, who co-owns Sporting Feet in Richmond, measuring a keen runner and, much to her surprise, she wasn’t the size she had thought. Customers travel to the specialist shop from around West London for a very good reason: there’s nothing that Dom and manager Michael Morris don’t know about sports shoes and how to fit them.

‘First and foremost, we scan feet,’ adds Dom. ‘It’s a quick process. Our digital scanner measures size, width, arch and pressure and that is complemented by gait analysis tests – sometimes we ask customers to run outside. With that information, we can tailor the fit so that the feet are bio-mechanically balanced and simply function better.

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‘We apply the same fitting principles for running, football, hockey, tennis, netball, cricket, rugby or fitness training. That means pinpointing size and width – we have extra-width options – and, if necessary, providing an insole that mirrors the arch type and pressure points. We work with all the top brands, we’re independent and we never sell the wrong shoe.’

Sporting Feet also stocks high quality running wear, a wide choice of kids’ shoes and boots for the main sports (the right sizes are often hard to find) and the popular Ascent range of children’s footwear. ‘Ascent products are hard-wearing and incorporate sports technology, so they’re ideal for running around,’ explains Dom. He and Michael are happy to advise on injury prevention and treatments, have strong links with sports health practitioners and the shop has become a hub for local classes and clubs.

‘Whether you are running or playing a sport, your feet are crucial,’ says Dom. ‘It’s worth looking after them, and our job is to give practical guidance and provide effective solutions.’

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