Shoulder and Elbow London-Nick Ferran: First-Hand Experience

Shoulder and Elbow London-Nick Ferran: First-Hand Experience

‘From diagnosis to operation to aftercare, Nick explained exactly what was happening and inspired confidence.’ – Linda Killick

Nick Ferran

Linda Killick is a commercial pilot with 30 years’ experience. In July she had a Carpal Tunnel operation on her hand performed by Consultant Shoulder and Elbow Surgeon, Nick Ferran. Linda is currently recovering from the same procedure on her other hand. Here she recalls her experience of being treated by Nick.

‘I first noticed a tingling and numbness in my fingers. When those symptoms became more pronounced, I looked them up online and so I had a pretty good idea that it was Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The median nerve is pressed down and becomes inflamed, affecting the thumb, index and middle fingers. That pressure must be released to regain full function of the hand.

‘From the beginning, Nick and I had excellent two-way communication. He was a total professional and very personable, with a light touch. He explained everything in jargon-free detail and, unlike many medical people, wasn’t a “doom and gloomer.”

‘I particularly appreciated that Nick stressed the importance of correct diagnosis. He sent me for two tests: one on the nerves to see how they were affected and the other for wrist x-rays to check for arthritis. Only after getting those results did he advise surgery.

‘The operation was done under local anaesthetic and I went home a few hours later. After two weeks Nick removed the stitches and recommended a hand therapist to help de-sensitise the wound – your brain keeps telling you it’s hurting – and give me exercises to ensure I didn’t lose strength. A month later we met to make sure my hand had healed satisfactorily and I was discharged. We were both delighted with the result.

‘I would definitely recommend Nick to anyone. Oh, and I must say that he has an excellent playlist while you’re in theatre!’

Nick Ferran practices at HCA Chelsea Outpatient Centre and HCA Chiswick Outpatients & Diagnostics and provides patient information videos on his youtube channel:

His specialities include:

  • Clavicle, elbow, and shoulder fractures and degenerative conditions
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Ulnar nerve compression
  • Tennis & Golfers’ Elbow

Nick Ferran @ Shoulder & Elbow London
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