Chiswick W4: Top Hat – Spring Clean

Chiswick W4: Top Hat – Spring Clean

Billy Evans

Chiswick’s dry cleaning specialists

‘I’ve always believed in combining the old skills with new technology,’ explains Mike Moran, owner of Top Hat dry cleaners. ‘Between four key members of our team we have almost 150 years of industry experience and that expertise really pays dividends.

‘For example, if we need to identify a material we burn a fibre and, depending on the nature and colour of the flame, we’ll know what it is. Also, Billy, the Manager at our Chiswick branch, can usually tell by eye whether a stain will come out. When it comes to technology, I recently bought a microscope that can be linked to a computer or phone; that enables us to see whether a stain is on top of the fibres or deeply ingrained.’

As part of his ‘green’ commitment Mike has gone back to the traditional way of packaging laundry in brown paper rather than plastic and he encourages customers to return hangers and polythene for recycling. ‘It’s rare to have our level of knowledge,’ he says. ‘Whether it’s dry-cleaning, specialist wet-cleaning, alterations or repairs, we will deliver the best result.’
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Mike Moran

Top Hat Cleaners
20 Devonshire Road,
Chiswick, London W4 2HD

Top Hat Dry Cleaners
289 King Street, W6 9NH

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