92 Dental: Filling a gap in the world of dentistry

92 Dental: Filling a gap in the world of dentistry

For 32 years dentist Ron Baise has run a successful surgery in Hammersmith. He describes his career and shares tips for making your dental check-up as pain-free as possible!

I moved to London from Cape Town in 1980 soon after graduating. The political situation in South Africa was shaky then with a potential revolution on the horizon. Mercifully the transition was relatively peaceful thanks to the efforts of Nelson Mandela and FW de Klerk.

I have been a dentist in Hammersmith since 1985, long enough to feel like a local! Many of my patients have been coming to me since I started and I’ve formed real friendships with some. We might meet for a coffee, a beer or see each other socially at dinners, weddings or funerals.

Like many dentists I sometimes find myself in the role of counsellor! Obviously all patient information is treated highly confidentially but when patients have been coming to you for a long time and become friends they often talk about their personal issues. They may ask for my opinion and, if I know a patient has a particular knowledge on a subject, I may ask for their tips or advice.

All dentists acknowledge that some patients are going to have genuine phobias about coming for treatment. Back in the Eighties I had one man run out before I’d even had time to examine him. Fortunately these days we have techniques to help phobics, depending on their particular fears. We take time to work through the problem to make sure we get the right results.

I am very proud of our new state-of-the-art dental practice with its four treatment rooms just off the Glenthorne Rd which has given us space to offer not only general dentistry but also specialist dentistry and post-graduate education to local dentists. I get quite emotional when I read our Google reviews and reviews on our website. They make me realise that our practice contributes positively to the community.

I enjoy many aspects of my work particularly meeting new people. I also have a wonderful and talented team of young dentists, hygienists, nurses and receptionists. I’m 62 now and they all help me feel younger!

My top tips to patients are:

• Eat something before you come to the surgery so you aren’t too hungry. It can really affect your mood if you haven’t eaten.

• Be on time for your appointment so you aren’t stressed and anxious when you arrive and also so that you don’t affect all the other appointments after yours!

• Try to relax. Modern dentistry is pretty painless and nothing like the experience it was a few decades ago.
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