Look, move and feel better!

Look, move and feel better!

The key to good posture, core strength and flexibility lies in an understanding of how our bodies move, says Susan Harker.

Brook Green resident Susan Harker tells us about her Movement For Life business based in Hammersmith’s Novotel London West Hotel. Born in South Africa, Susan came to London in 1999 with a degree in Biokinetics, which means life + movement. She has since established a thriving practice where she uses scientifically-based programmes involving corrective exercise and Pilates.

‘Movement is an essential part of everyday life,’ she says. ‘It effects development, learning, communication, our work, health and quality of life, so it stands to reason that
improving movement should be a priority for all of us.’

Susan has become an advocate of the healing, strengthening power of Pilates, she explains: ‘When I was 39 I was shocked to be told I needed a hip replacement. I thought there must be another way and I found the Pilates Reformer.’
‘I found that the aches and pains I had in my back and hips subsided’

From regular reformer practice Susan noticed the changes in her body and quickly the reformer became a passion. ‘It complemented the strength work I did in the gym and I found that the aches and pains in my back and hip subsided.” As a result Susan never needed that operation.

Hammersmith and Brook Green has a diverse community of business and local residents which Susan supports through her range of packages such as recovery and workplace wellness.
‘I can improve your posture, manage aches and pains and take you through exercises to strengthen your core so you’ll become more flexible and mobile.’ Pain, stress, poor posture,
sedentary living, injuries – all contribute to various niggles and ailments.

Susan uses her holistic training to evaluate her clients’ overall lifestyle as it is essential for her to understand the full picture to then create appropriate corrective exercise programmes bringing an awareness to the client. For example: ‘One young mum in Brook Green had persistent back pain. I discovered she was carrying her baby on the same hip when climbing up and down the stairs.’

Whatever your goals and fitness levels Susan encourages both local residents and the business community to invest in their health to help them to look, move and feel great.
Susan Harker Pilates

Susan Harker
Movement For Life
07826 258294
Novotel West London Hotel
1 Shortlands, W6 8DR

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