Gasworks London: Upgrade Your Boiler And Make Savings!

Gasworks London: Upgrade Your Boiler And Make Savings!

Dave Halpin (right)

Gasworks London is offering a FREE home heating system assessment

Over the last 20 years Gasworks London has become W4’s go-to independent heating, plumbing and boiler maintenance company. That track record has been built on problem-solving expertise, excellent customer service and, in particular, a commitment to delivering tailor-made solutions which ensure that customers save money on their energy bills.

In 2023 alone, owner Dave Halpin and his team of experienced engineers installed over 300 new boilers in homes in West London. ‘Of course, the older a boiler becomes, the more likely it is to fall short of its modern, energy-efficient counterparts in efficiency and performance levels, and that often results in higher costs,’ he says.

‘The latest models are specifically designed to operate at peak efficiency and guarantee that every unit of energy is maximised. Also, they are equipped with fully integrated control settings which enable homeowners to fine-tune their heating according to individual needs and lifestyle schedules.

‘With easy-to-use programmable thermostats and cutting-edge smart systems, the power to manage energy consumption is now firmly in the hands of the user. Most importantly, that can translate into making significant long-term savings, meaning that the initial cost of the upgrade soon pays for itself.

‘If you would like to consider investing in a new boiler, now is the perfect time to get in touch with us. We are offering a free heating assessment (the offer is valid until 31 May) and you’ll receive informed, impartial advice about the best available options.’

Services provided by Gasworks London include:

  • Boiler repair and installation
  • Boiler servicing
  • Landlord gas safety checks
  • Central heating
  • Boiler exchange
  • Unvented Megaflo Cylinders
  • Power Flushing

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