Guide to kitchen cool

Guide to kitchen cool

They’re modern or traditional, sleek, sexy and desirable. Who wouldn’t want a bespoke West London Kitchen?

A new kitchen is what many people dream of, yet according to Keith Patterson of West London Kitchens, once it’s installed, clients can’t wait to see the back of him – and he can’t blame them. ‘A kitchen is often the centre of family life so clients want us out as soon as possible. Building work can be stressful and home owners are usually pretty exhausted when the work finally ends. Also we are generally the last people to leave as you don’t want to install a kitchen in a building site – unless it’s a straight replacement kitchen which is slightly less stressful.’

Once a new kitchens is up and running much of Keith’s business comes from word of mouth recommendation from happy clients. Surprisingly, a growing number of buyers are choosing their kitchen via lifestyle scrapbooking site Pinterest and a lot of research goes on before the final decision is made. ‘Kitchens are not an impulse buy and they don’t come
cheap,’ admits Keith, who offers a range of German, Italian and traditional English kitchens from £10,000. ‘In terms of expenditure they are up there with buying a car so people tend to choose very carefully.’

Fashions change too. Five years ago, glossy surfaces were popular, then matt finishes. Now traditional Shaker style kitchens are making a comeback. Keith’s team takes a softly
softly approach to selling. Potential customers can drop into the Kite Studios showroom any time to have a chat. He is also keen to add that being a Brackenbury resident he is happy to give free advice any time.

Keith will prepare designs without obligation and when a buyer does commit, the kitchen is bespoke for that client and delivered ready built to reduce time and mess. ‘We start in our studio selecting finishes and fittings then go to the design stage on computers. ‘Once the work starts we meet on site to check progress. We have met some clients up to 24 times before signing off the job. You have to be patient!’ Once all the work is done Keith drops off a bottle of wine and sneaks out of the door. He’ll catch up with the clients later when they’re happily settled in. Job done!

Keith Patterson
West London Kitchens
020 8741 1981
Studio 6, Kite Studios
2B Bassein Park Rd, W12 9RY


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