Raise a glass to summer rosés, says wine expert Thor Gudmundsson

Raise a glass to summer rosés, says wine expert Thor Gudmundsson

A June heatwave gets your hopes up so in this issue we’re focusing on wines to make the most of the summer and early autumn months. Summer is PINK and that means rosé, so we’ve added 2017’s take on Aperol Spritz – Frosé! It’s a delicious, slush puppy rosé concoction, tarted-up with our very own lemon and Campari infusion. It’s a terrace winner, thirst-quenching and delicious!

If it’s old school rosé you want, Magali from Provence is a perennial favourite. And in keeping with our love of wines made with minimal intervention and maximum respect for the environment, Matthieu Delaporte’s award-winning Sancerre, Tom Lubbe’s Majas and Aymeric Amiel’s A Baïa are there to boost your green brownie points!

We’re also great fans of reds that chill well. More fruit-forward, less tannic, they can be drunk anywhere from cellar to fridge-door temperature. Ideal for a barbeque, Bare Bones or Saffraan Cinsault from South Africa, Sous le Manteau from the Languedoc, our very own Ballon Côtes du Rhône and many others all have that lovely, juicy and delicious
smashability that’s great for summer drinking and dining. And then, there’s the Summer of Riesling, of course…!

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