Hammersmith Cafe: The Daily Shot – Serving The Local Community

Hammersmith Cafe: The Daily Shot – Serving The Local Community

Jared and Renaldo

The Daily Shot offers excellent coffee, tempting pastries and cakes and healthy dishes in a welcoming, family-friendly environment

‘Major chains serve coffee just because that’s what they do,’ smiles Jared, co-owner of the Daily Shot Coffee Warehouse in Brackenbury Village. ‘Our philosophy is completely different: Renaldo and I have energy and passion, we provide a personal service – and we love what we do!’

The duo opened their new independent coffee shop three months ago on the site of the former Pekoe Meloe Tea House and, judging by the host of positive online reviews, they have been warmly welcomed by the community.

While Renaldo has extensive hospitality experience, for Jared it’s been a radical change from his previous career in Fine Arts and Antiques.‘I was a regular at the coffee shop that Renaldo managed and we became good friends,’ he recalls. ‘We chatted about starting our own business, looked at the figures and began searching for a premises in West London. This site in the heart of Brackenbury Village is perfect.’

Renaldo is the coffee maestro and he has put together a wide choice of single origin beans and blends from around the world. ‘It’s so important to ask customers how they like their coffee – strong, smooth, bitter, dark or light roast – and then, when they become a regular,
we know exactly what they want and can even have it ready and waiting.’

Since opening, Jared and Renaldo have actively sought feedback. ‘Of course, we have an excellent selection of pastries, bread and cakes, which are delivered at 5am every day, but many people asked us if we would be serving food,’ says Jared. ‘So, in September, we’ll be providing a delicious choice of simple, fresh dishes (including brunch) and using online platforms to make deliveries outside Brackenbury.

‘We’re keen to support local events – we’ve already had an enquiry about hosting yoga and coffee classes – and it’s been lovely to receive so many encouraging comments. We look forward to serving you!’ Opening hours: Mon-Fri 7.30am-5pm, Sat and Sun 8.30am-5pm.

The Daily Shot
22 Aldensley Rd
Hammersmith W6 0DH
020 3835 1852